Gateway Commerce Center’s master-planned design includes high-capacity, reasonably priced electric, gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, and an interstate-grade internal roadway system.


High-capacity supply from Ameren UE and Ameren IP from multiple substations.

Natural Gas

High-capacity supply from Ameren IP.


Gateway has a high-capacity supply, with a guaranteed delivery of 1.42 million gallons per day from Illinois-American Water Co. through the Mitchell Public Water District.


Gateway's 24-inch line has a capacity of 3 million gallons a day to the Madison County treatment plant, which has a capacity of 23 million gallons per day. (Current use averages 12.8 MGPD)


Companies located in Gateway Commerce Center have access to a high-speed, redundant, fiber-optic telecommunications network.


Gateway is served by two interstate interchanges.  Internal roads are rated for vehicle capacity of 40 tons and designed to handle high-volume truck traffic, eliminating backups to and from each facility