An interstate crossroads

At the nexus of the nation's north/south and east/west interstate highway systems, St. Louis has four interstate highways and four interstate linkages. The region has 883 miles of freeway per capita, the fourth-largest ratio in the nation. The roadways are relatively uncongested and easy to navigate.

With two interstate junctions inside its boundaries — one on the south on I-270 and one on the east on  I-255 — Gateway Commerce Center has a distinct advantage for truck ingress/egress. Few other parks in the country can boast this kind of flexibility.


  • Extends north to Chicago, IL
  • Extends south to Memphis, TN; Jackson, MS; and New Orleans, LA


  • Extends east to Indianapolis, Ind.; Columbus, OH; Pittsburgh, PA, Baltimore, MD, and the Eastern seaports.
  • Extends west to Kansas City, MO; Denver, CO, and, via Highway 15, Los Angeles, CA


  • Extends east to Louisville, KY; Lexington, KY.; Charleston, WV; Richmond, VA; and Norfolk, VA


  • Extends southwest to Tulsa, OK; Oklahoma City, OK; and Wichita Falls, TX; with interstate connections to Dallas-Forth Worth, TX and Houston, TX

I-255 and I-270

  • Form the St. Louis beltway, connecting to all of the interstate highways
Area Map

"Road Infrastructure. This category attempts to look into the future in terms of keeping up with an adequate road infrastructure and includes public roads mileage, capital outlay for roads and bridges, highway maintenance per mile, and spending for highway law enforcement. The best metros in this category are Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis."

Expansion Management, November 2006