Second-largest inland port

Situated at the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois rivers, St. Louis is home to the nation's second-largest inland port by trip ton-miles — in excess of 24 billion trip ton-miles a year. St. Louis' position as the northernmost year-round ice-free port increases its competitive advantage. More than 100 docks and terminal facilities serve the port, as well as all major barge lines.

The Metropolitan Port of St. Louis extends 70 miles along the Mississippi from the northern boundary of Madison County, IL, to the southern boundary of Jefferson County, Mo. Six different port authorities administer the port.


Tri-City Regional Port District
Kaskaskia Regional Port District
Southwest Regional Port District


Jefferson County Port Authority
St. Louis County Port Authority
City of St. Louis Port Authority

Gateway is just 8 miles from the most active of the six districts, the Tri-City Regional Port District. Container-on-barge service to the Gulf Coast sea ports is available through Tri-City. An expansion of the Tri-City Port's container-handling capability is also under way, incorporating a 9-acre concrete pad for storage. Tri-City is served by Norfolk Southern Railway and by a four-lane divided highway that connects to I-270.

Area Map